Hong Kong (9/12).    A man clad in green T-shirt engaged in a scuffle with several pro-democracy protesters on a pedestrian footbridge connecting Ma On Shan Park and Bayshore Towers this morning due to political difference. During the clash, someone shouted at him, ‘Return to Greater Bay Area!’.

Out of sudden, a rioter clad in black appeared and poured inflammable liquid over his body before setting fire to him. Other bystanders immediately fled the scene. The man suffered multiple burns on his body and he was sent to hospital for further treatment. The rioter clad in black managed to escape while police classified the case as assault causing bodily harm.

The 57-year-old victim named Lee was admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital and he was in critical condition. He underwent surgery subsequently and he was still suffering from the arson attacks.

“His well-propagandized enthusiasm for land reform, universal education and social change had a significant appeal to ……peasants and the urban working class. It was written, “He was young, energetic, forceful and without question possessed a considerable romantic charisma.”

This could been written about Joshua Wong. It is not.

This was written by Richard Helms, the head of the CIA. It was not Wong he spoke about but Fidel Castro. Sixty-one year later we see similar patterns returning to the globalist movements. Greta Thunberg, Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, and the ilk are canningly similar in political character. Young, passionate, single minded, unforgiven, uncompromising, almost sterile naive of the political consequence of their action.

But none of these patsies are revealing the true leadership structures of old guard Hong Kong elists. What has the new leaders so far achieved? Nothing. They won an election with claims of what? More confusion about the rule of Hong Kong and pitch battles in the legislative body.

The true test is the economy. Hong Kong is in the dumpster and very little encouraging signs of the economy is recovery. The new rulers in town have to figure out to govern with the existing bodies of authorities. Their vision of using the Ukraine as an example is as idiotic as is the notion Hong Kong becoming a U.S. like whatever it is they imagine. In the moment the United States appears more in a state of chaos than a superpower.

The old elitists are linked to the colonial structures controlled commerce, lending, and the property. Any legal changes for this segment of elites in Hong Kong will be a threat to their income and their power.

By 2047 Hong Kong becomes irrelevant. Economically the city will integrated into Greater Bay Area making Hong Kong part of the new economic zone in the South of China. This is creating a social and economic shift. The rich, who can afford to leave already pocketed a second passport and have shifted their wealth to Singapore. And the rest the economic and political realities of China is leading to an integration with the mainland as part of greater China.

The opposition is not for democratic development. It has no better solution to offer. Radical elements of the movement, which has developed into a wider anti-government campaign, have vandalised and started fires at railway stations and universities, while also targeting businesses with links to mainland China and setting roadblocks on major thoroughfares, the South China Morning Post writes.

Beijing’s new envoy to Hong Kong has pledged to help the city government protect national security and boost young people’s sense of patriotism, warning that failure to do so could open the door to “infiltration and sabotage” from abroad. In other words, the riots led to a backlash by Beijing. Great. The exact opposite what the rioters wanted. Guess everyone of the Black bloc rioters were sleeping in political science class.

Is destruction, bombings, IEDs, weapons smuggling and and IS-like dress code the future we want?

What does Joshua Wong and the newly elected officials actually propose? An anarchist rule of law? Arson and fire bombing who disagree with the black-clad extremist. Whatever this is, round two is building up. And with the Black bloc going to the ‘Spring of Madness‘ , after the Summer of Smoke and the Winter of Fire we should brace for a new wave of gun makers, bombers and extremists.

Hong Kong’s future is linked to China. Like it or not, the physical realities of the fast approaching 2047 integration timeline is also a reality check on both Hong Kong political elitists and the radicals of 2020 who are now footing the bill. Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow will be 50 (!) at 2047, Nathan Law will be 53, Emily Lau will be 94, and many of the old elites will have passed on. The young radicals will face the realities of the 2020 riots and the damage caused.