Hong Kong (10/11).  A series of emotional fake news swept Hong Kong ravished with unrests by the Black Bloc and what many slowly refer to as the revolt of Hong Kong’s middle class. The tragic accident that killed 22-year old technology student Chow Tsz-lok after falling to his death in a car park is blamed on the police. The death is tragic and senseless. Politicizing the death as Demosisto does, is tasteless and disgusting.

Police had fired multiple rounds of teargas nearby, but security footage showed that police had not fired heavy rounds of the gas in the car park before Chow fell. (The Guardian)

The fact that the Hong Kong police left the car park is lost in the stage-managed response by the rioters. In war the first casualty is the truth and Hong Kong are certainly no exception to the rule.

Demosisto, determined to obtaining independence from the mainland was quick to activate the spin machine and alleges “the police allegedly pushed the dead to fall”.  So far this is false. Period.

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Greek, Latin & the meaning of all of it

Since Greek and Latin is a preferred claim of fame, the Greek verb demos means village, and sisto in Latin means also to appear in court. So, very little is associated with democracy but more like a villager appearing in court?

Alex Chow whereabouts
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Gerontocrats or Demosisto: Who is in charge? 

The fellowship of the youngsters is a social tribe led by Gerontocrats which is a form of oligarchical rule meaning an entity is ruled by leaders who are significantly older than most of the adult population. The leaderless narrative is nonsense. Evidence of the local Black Bloc tightly organized by “aunties and uncles” to support the “bunnies and hares” and the “Speed Dragons”, “Fire Magicians” and other mythical names are in use.

So are “squads” and “companies”, “front lines” and other military terminology. Not very leaderless for a movement which is lead by the old guys aka oligarchal Gerontocrats.

The oligarchs like Jimmy Lai Chee-ying is in his 70s, Dr. Robert Chung Ting-yiu is 61, Anson Maria Elizabeth Chan Fang On-sang is 79, and Cardinal Zen Ze-kiun is 87. The second-tier leaders are in their 50’s.

The upcoming generation of gentiles so far take no responsibility for the violent action and destruction caused by their generation. It will dawn on them soon the costs for the damages to economy caused by them are theirs to settle.

What are the Gerontocrats and Demosisto suggesting? That the current UK legal process is flawed?

After all the Hong Kong Police is part of the UK legal traditions. Suzette Foo the Senior Superintendent for Kowloon East  in her emotional press conference calls for a court of coroner’s inquiry into the tragic death was shouted down in social media.  So now that illusion is gone what next mob rule, drum courts which are oddly similar to Nazi Germany used at the end of the war, that is the second world war.

Not very democratic, and definitely a display of poor judgment by the ambitious RTHK reporter Nabela Qoser hunting for scalps.  She is joined by many other like-minded opinionators.

Lo Kin-hei, another fanatic, is quick to seed public ill-will and hate in social media. Increasingly voices in Hong Kong calling for a stronger response on hate speech. Domestically many citizens are fed up with the rioters.

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Fake News & Hate

Falsehood is falsehood regardless of the mantle and flag you wear. Hence the response by Agnes Chow, Nathan Law, Joshua Wong and Jeffrey Ngo is another of the many examples spreading hate.

But “Schadenfreude” or not, we forget Chow Tsz-lok death is a product of the Demosisto elitist ideology. Wong in an interview with Deutsche Welle in Berlin saw nothing wrong with violence. Wong claims the SAR and Beijing must be held accountable, unfortunately like many other true believers. Joshua Wong is an extremist.

It is unlike the red/green Guards acknowledging their responsibility of the death of Chow Tsz-lok. It would require humility.

Source: Demosisto

Wong a self-proclaimed fan Spiderman fan, and his demo-hipsters sucking milk-tea are now faced with the consequence of their actions. With great power comes great responsibility is not just a movie line but was used in the French National Conventions in 1793. Joshua Wong unlikely knows that little fun fact.

Death is now the new political reality for Wong and his devotees. Demosisto will be held accountable. Many political pro’s warn Wong, of “Beware of the day of moral reckoning, don’t overdo it”. But kids seldom listen to their elders.

Death is now the new political reality for Joshua Wong and his devotees

The Rise of the Scalp hunting reporters

The interview quoted by the media tribe was an interrogation by the Hong Kong-born Nabela Qoser, who speaks Cantonese like the noodle seller on the corner, originally hailed from TVB and Ming Pao, now with the Hong Kong based RTHK has a history of journalistic sensationalism.

A graduate from the Baptist University in Hong Kong the scalp hunter works at RTHK, the public broadcasting service of Hong Kong. Her questioning of the distraught Suzette Foo sounded like a leftist Spanish inquisitor having a cardiac arrest, concluded the guilt of the accused.

But in the search for holding “truth to power and “without fear and favour” where does Nabela Qoser fall into? The categorically of over-eager beaver start up, the activists-journalist, or just another leftist spewing hater we all despise.

Demosisto just regurgitating with Schadenfreude the fact that the Hong Kong police can not comment on-going investigations. Wong and his fellowship fail to recognize the UK legal system still applies. And yes, it applies to all citizens of Hong Kong, reporters included.

Officials are obviously overrun by the onslaught of the local Indian girl who sounds more like an activist than a reporter. Cutting in during the replies, interrupting, accusation and false claims, personalization and discrediting is the new trend. Amplified by the years of agitation training the media today are a product of a cult of hate and sowing of distrust.

Nabela Qoser is a credit to her trade but a discredit to the truth. But, the truth shall set us free, right?

Many in Hong Kong are increasingly whispering what many are afraid to say out loud. Are today’s new green /black guardians are not just the same fanatics like the Hitler Youth, Mao’s red Guards or the Latin American leftists pursuing religious radicalism of Liberation Theology? Many expert think they are and warning bells have been going off in academia since 2018.

The tragic death of the student is fast becoming political cannon fodder for sensationalism and dubious agendas.  The media arbitrator of fairness is not better than the mob. Gore and grossness, disrespect to pursue an agenda lacks balance and respect.

The tragic death of the student is fast becoming political cannon fodder for sensationalism and dubious agendas.

The truth is conveniently pushed aside and replaced with the blame narrative to support an independent inquiry of the police. The truth is raped regularly by media outlets who served the elites in Hong Kong.

According to  activists the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is hosting a Indian visiting research fellow who in his own words is the founder of the Extinction Rebellion Hong Kong. UK police arrested the UK leadership of this extremist faction in mid-October after it become evident the extremists became a threat to public safety.

It is unclear what is the relationship between the Hong Kong leaders and the UK leadership and if the presence of the extremists in Hong Kong is investigated by the police. The free press seems not grasping the relationship between hate ideologies and remain largely mum. Police officials contacted were unwilling to comment on ongoing investigations.

Reports and videos suggest the student lost his grip and did not realize the 3rd floor had no landing before leaping to his untimely death. Police did not chase the youngster in what is sadly, likely the product of paranoid fears created in the climate of distrust and sad circumstances.

Hong Kong is ripe and fake news and phrases like, democracy, freedom, police suppression, Nazi’s, which are a product of a long incubation of narratives ongoing since 2016.

An old favorite is the “Gulag” rumor, originated in the cold war alleging the Hong Kong Police is shipping detained rioters up “north”. Linguistically, “going up north, going up the river” is an American phrase but was in use against the Russian during the Cold War. So are references to the Polish independent movement, or allegations of police torture.

The media is the guardian of truth is fast becoming the whores of agendas that lack compassion and sense of proportion of the truth.

Not everything is a spin, not everything has an angle. Only extremists follow that path. This applies to reporters,  Demosisto and the elites who started the fire.

May Chow Tsz-lok and Hong Kong find the peace it needs.