Hong Kong/ China (2/2). 

Hong Kong Police disarmed today 2 homemade IED left on a train at the Lowu Railway Station up at the North of Hong Kong. The device was placed underneath a seat of a train stopping at the Lowu station shortly after 3 pm.

Experts call this an act of terrorism. The fascination with a revolutionary Black bloc bombers drift the city towards a dangerous trajectory. The absence of leadership voices to reject terrorism only amplifies the extremist message and discredit the moderates.

“The “dance with Death” has an appeal to the extremists it will however end badly in most cases”, said a senior researcher for the Civil Society Research Institute. The fascination with death-cult like organization such as the Black bloc is identical to other terrorist movements.

“But the leaders of the rioters will have no choice eject the extremist from their ranks with the bombers are a clear threat to the democratic cause. If not, the movement will lose credibility.”, he added.

A cleaner found the bag with ‘wires stuffed inside’ and a second cleaner alerted the Hong Kong Police which dispatched the Explosive Ordnance Bomb unit.

Police said the homemade bomb ‘partially detonated’ at the Lo wu railway station on Sunday afternoon and another was defused by officers. The crude bomb was too unstable to be moved.

The Hong Kong police force described todays attempt as a ‘big step towards terrorism’ in an ‘ongoing bombing campaign’ by Black bloc extremists. This followed an arson bomb attack against police living quarters at the Kwai Chung Police Station on January 29.

Expert warned repeatedly over the past months an escalation of extremist’s fractions within the Black bloc departed from the mainstream and have opted for terrorism for the foreseeable future.

“The extremist cells are driven by their announcement. They have to bomb in order to keep their credibility with their audience.”, said an expert on radical leftist extremism in Asia. “The cells, or groups have no choice. They created a violent cycle of hate. If the leaders are not caught, they will continue to bomb.”, he added.

“An attack on the transportation system is aimed to inflict maximum damage to the public. The 2004 and 2005 London and Madrid terror attacks showed us the horrific loss of life of bombing of public transportation systems.”

Superintendent Francis Po from the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau said an area on the train platform was cordoned off and bomb disposal officers were on the way to the scene when there was a loud bang at around 3.50pm.

A senior bomb disposal officer, Alex McWhirter, said the second device was “rendered safe by police action.”

“These bombs were viable,” he said. “One of the bombs partially functioned.”

Superintendent Francis Po noted that this is the fifth in a series of incidents involving homemade bombs in recent weeks, and said someone posted a message on an internet platform claiming responsibility for the incident.

“We seriously condemn these radical extremists. Their actions have taken a big step towards terrorism”, Po said.

McWhirter, meanwhile, suggested that other countries wouldn’t have bothered to qualify such a statement.

“We have seen over the years that bombings take place on public transportation systems. When we have seen this happen around the world, with multiple devices being placed on a train, it has been referred to as an act of terror, of terrorism”, he said.

The MTR said services were affected by the bomb scare for a time, but normal services resumed later in the day.

【 港鐵羅湖站發現懷疑炸彈案 • 案情簡報 】就今日 (2020-02-02) 發生在港鐵羅湖站的懷疑炸彈案,警隊高級炸彈處理主任馬偉德及有組織罪案及三合會調查科警司布振權現向傳媒作出簡報。As regards the case of suspected explosives found in Lo Wu MTR station today (2020-02-02), the Police’s Senior Bomb Disposal Officer Alick MCWHIRTER and Superintendent PO Chun-kuen of Organised Crime and Triad Bureau are now giving a briefing to the media.

Posted by 香港警察 Hong Kong Police on Sunday, 2 February 2020

Escalation not the end 

Many of the extremist joining the terror groups are seldom understand the implication of the consequences of a bomb on the public transportation system. The bombs in Madrid and London not only killed but also injured many innocent bystanders.

In the 2004 Madrid bombing over 2,050 people were injured. In the 7 July 2005 London bombing 784 innocent people were injured, many like in Madrid, marked for life.

With bombing of the public transportation system in Asia are relatively unknown the development of bombing of the MTR trains in Hong Kong are escalating the stakes for Hong Kong.

It is usually associated with Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. The leftist’s extremists in Hong Kong adaptation of terrorism in Hong Kong is a new trend in Asia.

The bombing will see a shift in public security. The use of K-9 units, armed police and more security presence will be only a question of time, in particularly if future bombs were found.

Depending on the bombs in use explosives in close room will have a higher casualty rate. “The bombs are aimed to kill. Make no mistake about it but the bombs are so unstable making handling very dangerous.”

Experts warn of an accidental detonation is not ruled out, “…. a common cause is the bombers killing themselves while handling the ‘devil’s machine.”

Interestingly the Human Rights Civil Front, the main organizers of the riots in Hong Kong and none of the other leaders of the “leaderless movement” speak out against this act of terror.

The group leaders are not released from legal and moral liabilities if a bombing campaign is under the auspice of the democracy movement.

“It would naive to assume the leaders of the riots are not held accountable for the bombers actions in particularly if the messages were sent out to go on strike or face bombs”, a senior contact in government house said.