The British capital is being hit by anxiety. Radical climate change activists ruffled the city. Their chosen tactics: property destruction, also roadblocks and annoying transportation options.

The local government called them environmental terrorists, while the group proudly campaigned for Extinction Rebellion’s name. They claim to be an environmental group that promotes civil disobedience to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change that will occur. They assert that this will be the last generation of humans to live on Earth before the mass extinction occurred.

For this reason, the government must enforce legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions. The demands of them are actually simple. Not much different from what the “conventional” environmental activists want all this time.

To the amazement of the public, the group stoutly campaigned for reducing carbon emissions to point 0. The idea that even elementary school students will get a barrage of critical questions. Perhaps their intention is to reduce human dependence on technology so that the life process will take place at a slower pace of expansion than now, including expansion in exploiting nature. However, if all of these goals are carried out by eliminating carbon emissions altogether, it is clearly an unnatural dream, or we can say it’s crazy.

Britain is known as one of the countries that has a high commitment in controlling emissions. Public remembered that last year related parties announced that Britain had succeeded in producing electricity without coal fuel. The country is powered by more than a thousand hours without coal.

Britain’s electricity supply is sustained by a deadly duet of wind and gas power. In this phenomenon, there is a piece of interesting information, how the government was forced to activate the last eight coal power plants in the UK because of the price of expensive Russian imported gas.

Britain’s dependence on coal only lasted a short time. Throughout 2017, as many as 624 hours of coal free have been achieved, up from 210 hours in 2016, up to 1,000 hours in 2018. In fact, in 2012 the UK power plant supplies two fifths of electricity, but in 2018 so far only provided less than 6%.

Under these conditions, the British government decided to close Eggborough Power Plant in Yorkshire and Kilroot Power Plant in Northern Ireland. So, United Kingdom will only have six coal plants left.

This fact certainly makes the public question the purpose of Extinction Rebellion. Moreover, the global public is familiar with CarbonTracker, an environmental NGOs from the UK who has had a name and reputation in the struggle to reduce global carbon emissions. Will ER be the antithesis of NGOs such as CarbonTracker, or will attack NGOs that they consider less progressive and become a place for big companies greenwash easily?

ER not only made England dizzy this year. Far in the South of America, hardline environmental activists claim to have detonated a bomb at a roundabout in Santiago, Chile. The bomb injured a married couple who were waiting for a bus. Both of them must be rushed to the hospital and get serious treatment.

The group claiming responsibility for the blast was an environmental terrorist known as the Individualistas Tendientes a lo Salvaje (Individuals who tend to be wild), or ITS, a collection of loose cells, each acting individually, and each hidden in a large area. Their home in Latin America – mountains, valleys, forests, cities from Mexico to Argentina. Their goal is predictable: destroying a world obsessed with technology, driven by technology, and returning humans to live as hunter-gatherer groups. They believe that is the only way to save us from a kind of forced doomsday.

ITS made news in 2013 when they sent bombs to scientists in Latin America. In particular, they are targeting nanotechnology researchers and waging war against Mexican scientists and universities. Don’t forget, they also made several threats to the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan.

ER and ITS’s actions certainly reminded the public of Joe Dibee’s actions. Veteran environmental activist who is a former Microsoft employee was arrested in Cuba and extradited to the United States. Dibee was suspected by the local authorities of carrying out an environmental campaign which ultimately disrupted the country’s economy. The main target is Venezuela, which is a close ally of Havana.

More than a decade earlier, police and FBI agents arrested a dozen Dibee partners on the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front in a span of several months. They are accused of conspiring to burn factories that slaughter meat, wood factories that disrupt sensitive ecosystems, government facilities that drive wild horses, and a ski resort perched on a pristine mountain peak.