Overseas Chinese worldwide expect China’s newly-elected leadership will continue to inspire the Chinese people in the concerted effort toward national rejuvenation.

The new leadership, with Xi Jinping as Chinese president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, was elected at the annual session of China’s top legislature, the National People’s Congress, held on March 5-20.

Wang Dianqi, head of the joint committee of Chinese associations in Canada, said he believes the new leadership will lead China to greater prosperity and called on Chinese in Canada to work as a bridge in bilateral non-governmental exchanges.

In Paris, Wu Wuhua, honorary chair of the Chaozhou Guild Hall, said the election of the new leadership shows the Chinese people’s strong confidence in them. He said the Chinese in France will help boost China-France exchanges, contributing to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Xi and the notion of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Wu said China’s development achievements serve as a strong backing for overseas Chinese, reflected in the increased respect shown to ethnic Chinese communities abroad.

“I’m confident of China’s greater development and brighter prospects with the new leadership at the helm,” said Chen Anshen, head of the Chinese Association in Austria, who was an overseas observer-representative at the legislative session in Beijing.

The Chinese-Austrian entrepreneur said Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era is a guarantee for China to realize national rejuvenation.

Zhou Ying, head of the federation of Chinese associations in Cyprus, said with this year marking the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, the election of the new Chinese leadership is significant.

Mentioning China’s achievements in areas including economic development, fighting corruption and poverty reduction, Zhou said they had reasons to believe that Xi would be able to lead the Chinese to national rejuvenation, and bring overseas Chinese more benefits and pride.

Zhu Suzhong, head of the Chinese association in Brazil, said the new Chinese leadership will inspire concerted efforts in China toward national rejuvenation.

“We believe China will become more united, prosperous and stabilized,” he added.

Calling the election of the new leadership the consensus of the Chinese people, Yin Xiaomin, honorary chair of the Chinese association for cultural exchanges in Brazil, hoped China would further its reform and opening-up to build a modern and strong socialist country.

Liang Shun, head of the Lima-based 132-year-old Ton Huy Chong Koc, the central association of Chinese in Peru, hoped China would achieve greater development under the guidance of the new leadership and urged the Chinese in Peru to help boost exchanges and mutual trust between their host country and China.

Fang Tianxing, head of the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia, believed that with the new leadership, China will maintain a sate system that is strong, stable and solid, which is needed to ensure an effective and long-term implementation of national development policies.

“For overseas Chinese, the development of China, most importantly, makes them more respected, and second, brings them new business opportunities,” he added.

Hu Jianhua, head of the association for China’s peaceful unification in Cape Town, South Africa, said he believed that under the guidance of the new leadership, the Chinese will move forward toward achieving the national development goals and rejuvenation.