YANGON – Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Myanmar army chief in Beijing Capital. During the meeting, Jinping discussed China’s support amid international criticism over Myanmar’s military treatment of the Rohingya minority. Once a statement from military commander of Myanmar.

China has offered diplomatic support to its neighbors in the south during the crisis, despite pressure from Western countries for the Myanmar military to be responsible for alleged atrocities.

More than 600,000 members of the Rohingya Muslim group have fled from the Buddhist Rakhine state to Bangladesh. The exodus took place in three months since rebel attacks on security posts triggered a brutal counterinsurgency campaign.

China helped block a resolution on the Rohingyas crisis in the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, the United States (US) this week called Burmese military action and local residents as ethnic cleansing, which reinforced previous statements by senior UN officials.

According to a statement on his Facebook page, Myanmar Military Commander Min Aung Hlaing, he and the Chinese leader on Friday discussed the promotion of cooperation between the two countries’ armed forces, China’s standing on the side of Myanmar at the forefront of the international community on the Rakhine issue and other issues .

Min Aung Hlaing arrived in China on Tuesday and has mostly met with Chinese military officers during his visit as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (25/11/2017).

The statement also said that they discussed ongoing talks between the Myanmar government and various ethnic rebel groups, some of which are based on Myanmar’s border with China.

According to China’s Xinhua news agency, Xi said that China is very concerned about the peace process and is willing to play a constructive role for security and stability in their border areas.

The Xinhua report did not mention Rakhine, but quoted Jinping’s statement that China has always respected Myanmar’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.