Hong Kong has more and more victims of violences on its 18th weeks of the protest wave. On 4 October, furious protesters assaulted ‘plain-clothed’ police officers in Yuen Long district which lead to the second injured protester. And on 6 October, an elder taxi-driver is heavily injured beaten by some black-clad guys after the driver ramming into protest venue in Sham Shui Po.


The next victim of violence is former actress named Celine Ma who recorded protesters’ vandalism by destroying Bank of China’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Mong Kok district. In the video footage, the woman whose real name is Leung Wing-an claims that some protesters beat her, took her smartphone and spray-painted her. A man in a black shirt came to the rescue when someone in the crowd tried to beat her again using a tennis racket. Blood dripping from her chin and her neck.


Posted by 亞洲週刊 on Sunday, 6 October 2019


Some radical protesters also not hesitant in throwing molotov cocktail, which as a matter of fact, went in wrong direction and hit RTHK journalist. The incident made the journalist’ raincoat caught fire. It happened in Wan Chai district, lead to some kinda burn injured near his ear. The journalist was rushed to Ruttonjee hospital.

The most regrettable is the fact that the protesters spent months fighting for freedom and democracy but somehow (unfortunately) they cannot apply those two things in real life. Some of them abruptly ‘silenced’ other people who oppose their political view. Freedom of speech, which is the main feature of democracy, suddenly just out of sight. Is Hong Kong actually ready for democracy?

Guerilla Tactics

Not only individual victims, the behavior of some anarchist group also threatened the overall public safety.  Besides blocking roads with fire barricades and destroying 120 MTR stations throughout Hong Kong, the video below shows they also start to sabotage railways to channel their vandalism. The tactic was written on Total Totalitarianism : Swiss Army Guard for Guerilla Warfare introduced by Major von Dach in 1958.


This tactic is commonly used by terrorists as happened in Germany, UK and 1995 in France. The violent actions of several radical demonstrators became the world’s spotlight and began to ‘undermine’ Hong Kong’s main strength, the economy. United Nations (UN) Human Rights Head Michelle Bachelet already condemned anyone who perpetrates violence in Hong Kong, “We cannot accept people who use masks to provoke violence …” Michelle said during a visit to Malaysia.

The challenges of the Hong Kong police force are increasingly serious. With the position of being ‘trapped’ in between government and dissatisfied society, Hong Kong Police must also prepare to face a group of terrorists who perpetrate violence. The Police determine to bring all lawbreakers to trial.

“Restoring public order does not only count on police effort, everyone in society plays a part,” said Hong Kong Police Deputy Chief Tang Ping-keung. “We need everyone in Hong Kong to obey the law, not to tolerate violence…”