This winter marks the second anniversary of the launch of China’s reform of its armed forces.

Here’s a list of facts and figures on the historic breakthroughs.

— Four general departments at military headquarters were reorganized into 15 agencies within the Central Military Commission (CMC). One-third of the personnel were cut.

— Five theater commands were established to replace the previous seven military area commands.

— A new military structure has been established with the CMC exercising overall leadership, while the theater commands are responsible for military operations and the services focus on developing capabilities.

— After remarkable downsizing of the ground forces, the army now accounts for less than 50 percent of the armed forces.

— Over 1,000 units at the regiment level or above and 30 percent of commissioned officers were cut during the reform.

— Seventy-seven military education institutions were regrouped to 43, including a strengthened National University of Defense Technology.

— New laws and regulations on military issues have been introduced or amended, including a revised regulation on civilian personnel in the military released on Nov. 10, 2017.