In 17th week of protest wave, around 10.000 Hong Kong residents gather at Central District, 1 October 2019. Their purpose is still the same, to push for the five demands they have been fighting for the last 4 months.

Protersters start in the march from Southern Playground in Wan Chai district

A clash happened between police forces and black-clad protesters in Tuen Muen in the afternoon. As some protesters become aggresive, officers fired multiple tear gas in Wong Tai Sin. Defensive form established by the protesters using umbrellas to cover themselves.

Different view in Western District, Kowloon where the protesters march peacefully to China Liaison Office where Beijing representative located in Sai Wan. But later on they retracted when police use watercanon there and move to Central Government Complex to join the other mass.

Protesters painting the street in Kowloon District

Cynthia, Hong Konger who gather with the mass in Southern Playground in Wan Chai District says there are 6 assemblies in 7 different districts on 1st October. The girl who currently studying in UK told China Herald that the protesters have no deadline to keep going what they’re doing now.

“We will just keep fighting. This movement dont need leader. Hong Kong residents can lead themselves.” Cynthia said to China Herald.

Basket hall Southorn Playground in Wan Chai where protesters gather before marching to Central District

The same sentiment conveyed by European man who has been staying in Hong Kong for 20 years. ‘Carrie Lam is responsible for this. (The protest) has been going for 4 months. Economy is bad. And she has done nothing. We just going to continue this (protest). The man refuse to reveal his name and what European country he came from.

Another female protester who is walking next to the European man emphasizes that Hong Kong also need credible representatives in Legislative Council. Parliament Member who actually elected by major votes. “That’s not what we have right now.” She said behind her gas mask.