Videos of Chinese diners grasping for food have gone viral again, showing scrums of people in a clubhouse in Nanchang jostling for whatever dishes come out of the kitchen before food even lands on buffet tables.

The clips were taken last week when the Han Soup Korean-style spa and dining clubhouse in the capital of eastern Jiangxi province was inundated with customers after it advertised a spa-dinner set for just 58 yuan (US$9).

Initially, the manager expected a modest turnout and prepared food for some 300 people, but the boss was soon panicked by a long queue of enthusiastic diners lining all the way from his counter to the pavement outside.

As more diners poured in, lines of food containers remained empty as any leftovers were quickly swept up by latecomers. 

Before long many started to gather outside the kitchen, waiting in ambush to nab whatever food the waiters would carry out. 

After videos of Nanchang diners shoveling down buffet food drew much criticism, the manager of the SPA house took the blame and apologized for their poor preparation and his underestimate of customer turnout. 

But the clips have added to the tarnished reputation of mainland Chinese diners, whose boorish behavior at home and abroad has long caused them to be seen as sometimes lacking etiquette. 

Earlier, a video of frenzied Chinese tourists using plates to scoop up shrimp, while leaving much of their food untouched, at a buffet restaurant in Thailand – allegedly in 2016 – also attracted much ridicule and flak.