The woman from Chengdu in Sichuan province paid 7,000 yuan (US$1,058) in April for a three-month service from the company that claimed it could help clients win back former partners, the West China City Daily reported.

The service included advice on improving her communication skills, managing her emotions and behaving in a more mature manner.

The woman was reportedly dumped by her boyfriend because she did not suit his professional image.

“[My ex-boyfriend] manages his own business and is a more mature type. He said we weren’t well suited because I am too immature,” she was quoted as saying.

But she later discovered that her ex-boyfriend had married and did not want to get back together with her.

She then complained to the company about its failure to provide the advertised service.

A company representative surnamed Liu said the package was not aimed at winning back the woman’s ex-boyfriend. Instead, it was an integrated service of advice on love and relationships.

While the contract included a clause saying the company would help “a couple get over a crisis and achieve reunification”, it did not guarantee a refund if it failed to achieve that goal, the representative said.

“When we signed the contract, I told her there was only a slight chance she could get her ex-boyfriend back but she insisted,” Liu was quoted as saying.