“Experience Hainan” tourism promotion campaign was successfully held in Beijing early November, attracting more than 230 foreign elites from tourism, trade, media and other relevant industries.

This campaign, organized by Hainan Tourism Development Committee, was targeted at foreigners living in China, aiming to show Hainan’s richly endowed tourism resources.

As China’s southernmost island province, Hainan is a famous tourist destination for its pleasant climate and amazing beach landscape.

Focusing on “experience”, the campaign adopted the approach of scene reconstruction, to render guests opportunities to enjoy the alluring beach of Sanya, featured delicacies of Wanning, as well as impressive folklore culture of Lingshui.

Foreign guests were immersed in various tourism product interactions, as if they were not in foilage-featured Beijing, but in Hainan, where each season seems like summer.

A man by name Dorian from Australia has been elected from thousand applicants to have a real traveling experience in Hainan.

He shared his feelings in the campaign, saying that the beautiful beaches and distinct wedding culture of Hainan are unforgettable for him.

American Tom ran his business in tourism wedding industry. He indicated that he saw broad vista for development of Hainan’s wedding industry through this campaign.

He was ready to seek cooperative chances with Hainan tourism enterprises to bring more American tourists to this inviting island.

Through interactive experience, foreign guests got to know more about Hainan and were deeply impressed by Hainan’s top-ranking tourist service and the hospitality of Hainan people.

They said this campaign was a great success.

Hainan has made lots of new achievements in developing its tourism industry.

It established ten tourism production systems in terms of ocean tourism, MICE tourism, physical therapy tourism, shopping tourism, etc.

With the increase of international exchanges and the improvement of its hospitality ability, Hainan will bolster its overseas influence and popularity through promotion campaigns in diverse forms.