During the series of demonstrations in Hong Kong, there were pro-democracy activists who stood out and appeared as leaders and spokespersons for the demonstrators.

In general, all of these activists were “ex” from the Umbrella Movement in 2014 and were young. Now they are back again after being known to organize the masses, support and be directly involved in protests against the Extradition Bill which has developed into a demand that Hong Kong hold elections. The following is a list of pro-democracy activists:

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong was a key student leader during the pro-democracy protests in 2014 which at that time paralyzed Hong Kong for 70 days, now known as the “umbrella movement”.

He became the face of the Hong Kong democracy movement and was jailed for two months for his involvement in the protest.

Wong, age 22, was one of the founders of the Demosistō political group. Netflix is known have made a documentary about Wong called Joshua: Teenager vs Superpower.

He had faced lawsuits for organizing unlawful movements.

Agnes Chow

Agnes Chow, like Wong, Agnes was a former student leader in the umbrella movement in 2014.

He was part of the Demosistō political group, and was arrested on charges of “inciting others to participate in illegal movements” and “consciously participating in illegal movements” during protests outside police headquarters on June 21.

Chow was blocked from running for political office in Hong Kong in 2018 because of his party’s pro-democracy manifesto.

Chow has renounced his British citizenship, as a condition for running for election and postponing his studies.

Chow is also known to have joined a demonstration against the government’s plan to introduce “moral and national education” in 2012.

Andy Chan

Andy Chan is the Head of the Hong Kong National Party, he received international attention in September last year when his party was banned by the city security authorities, for calling for independence for Hong Kong from mainland China.

Hong Kong security forces say the Andy Chan party is a threat to national security.

Davin Wong

Davin Wong is the leader of the student union at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He is known to have fled the city of Hong Kong, as a result of attacks by unknown masked men, saying he was afraid of the safety of his life.

Davin Wong, who has acted as president of the HKU student union, told the university’s government board that he had taken a “one-way trip”.

He was recently involved in organizing a class boycott by students as part of an anti-extradition protest that has gripped the city since early June.

Isaac Cheng

Isaac Cheng is Demosisto’s deputy chairman, who claims to have also been attacked by three unidentified people near his home in the New Territory town of Tai Wai, Isaac Cheng is known to be a close friend and friend of Davin Wong.

Brian Leung

Brian Leung is a political science graduate student from Hong Kong, Brian Leung was the only protester who unmasked during the July 1 protest against the Chinese government at the Legislative Council Building (LegCo).

Leung openly admits that vandalism and violence used by pro-democracy groups are deliberately a form of expressing frustration.

Rick Hui

Rick Hui is a member of the Sha Tin District Council. Rick Hui Yui-yu was arrested, in Kwun Tong on Friday morning, according to his assistant’s statement. Police said Hui, 31, was arrested on suspicion of obstructing officers from carrying out their duties in connection with the July 14 clash at the Plaza New Town Plaza shopping center in Sha Tin.

Ivan Lam Long-yin

Ivan Lam who is also a colleague of Rick Hui is accused of inciting others to take part in illegal movements. He is said to be outside the city and did not appear in court.

Denis Ho

Denis Ho is a Hong Kong singer and actress, and a Hong Kong pro-democracy and human rights activist. Ho has been blacklisted by the Chinese government because of his active participation in the 2014 Umbrella Movement.

In 2014, Ho confirmed his attitude when police fired tear gas in an effort to disperse thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators. He is now one of the most outspoken supporters of the pro-democracy movement.

Nathan Law

Nathan Law Kwun-chung; born July 13, 1993) is a politician and activist in Hong Kong. As a former student leader, he was the chairman of the Lingnan University Students’ Union Representative Council (LUSU), acting president of the LUSU, and secretary general of the Hong Kong Student Federation (HKFS). He was one of the student leaders during the Umbrella Movement in 2014. He was the founder and former chairman of Demosistō, a new political party that came from the 2014 protests.

Law was active in student activism and participated in the Hong Kong strike in 2013.

During the Umbrella Movement, he was present as one of the student leaders and was one of five representatives to hold speeches in an open-air television debate with government representatives led by Carrie Lam’s Chief Administrative Secretary Cheng Yuet-ngor with HKFS secretary general Alex Chow Yong-kang, deputy secretary Lester Shum, general secretary Eason Chung, and other committee members Yvonne Leung in October 2014.

The demonstration process that has been going on for 4 months in Hong Kong, until now has not met a clear path due to the demands of demonstrators who deviated from the initial demand, namely the revocation of the Extradition Bill.

After the Hong Kong government took steps by listening to the protesters’ aspirations, instead of defusing the situation and starting reconciliation and rebuilding the collapsed Hong Kong, the demonstrators instead demanded a general election and demanded that Hong Kong become independent from China.