New South Wales police are reviewing an incident, captured on video, where an officer allegedly told an Asian man to “go back to China”.

In footage posted online by a bystander, the officer can be seen stopping the man in his car in the Sydney suburb of Carlingford on Christmas Day.

He asks the driver “Where did you come from?” After the man replies, the officer appears to say: “Go back to China”.

The officer then holds up a sign that says “Stop, Police” and asks “Can you see this? Yeah so what does ‘stop’ mean?”

The officer, who identified himself as a senior constable, then appears to reach for the car’s keys, is stopped by the driver, and shoves the driver.

Bystander Caleb Strik filmed the incident and confronted the officers. In footage of their conversation, the officer said Strik was “harassing” him.

“Don’t’ record it,” he says. “Move away … you are harassing me. I know you are upset because you have been fined.”

Another officer asks Strik: “What’s it have to do with you?”

On Friday, NSW police said they were aware of the footage and would review it.

“NSW police is aware of the videos posted on Facebook, which will be reviewed in due course,” they said.