Hong Kong (12/10).    There were demonstrations in various districts in Hong Kong on Sunday (13th). In Mong Kok, about 100 demonstrators gathered in Langham Place. Some demonstrators were accused of attempting to “smuggle” and fly the head of the police officer to cause the other party to fall to the ground.

Two people were arrested after attacking the police with a telescopic baton and attempting to rob the gun. The case was brought to the Court of the Kowloon City Magistrate today (15th). One of the defendants was absent from the court and the other defendant was not required to reply. The case was adjourned and the case was postponed until December 23.

The two defendants were Xie Xincheng (30 years old) and Gan Weibang (24 years old), respectively, who were Zhatie workers and civil engineers. The first defendant was charged with an attempt to rob him and attacked others.

He said that he attacked police officer W outside the Yalan Center at 625 Nathan Road, Mong Kok on October 13 this year, with the intention of robbing W.

The second defendant was charged with one attacking police officer, possessing offensive weapons and possessing another identity card. The three charges alleged that he attacked police officers in the same place on the same day; and possessed an offensive weapon, that is, a telescopic baton; and there is no legal authority or reasonable excuse to have an identity card belonging to Mai Jiahao.

The first defendant did not need to reply today. The prosecution applied to postpone the case and let the police investigate further. The charges were alleged to be serious and the defendant was released on bail. The second defendant was admitted to the hospital at Caritas Medical Centre and was postponed until October 18th for re-information, during which he was taken care of by the police.

It is reported that the police officers were attacked by unknown people on the same day. Then the first defendant rushed to grab his police gun and attacked his head. The second defendant then attacked the policeman with a telescopic baton, and the first defendant tried to grab the gun again. The two were subsequently arrested outside the scene of the case.