Large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong on Tuesday 1 October, leaving Hong Kong in a chaotic situation. There were riots, arson, vandalism against MTR stations and government buildings, as well as clashes between demonstrators with police and residents in various districts.

The climax is at the clash at Tsuen Wan, where police officer shot a protester who was shot after swarming and battering a fallen police officer with what appeared to be a metal rod. Tsang Chi-kin (18 years old), fell to the ground and immediately was rushed to the hospital. He is in recovery now.

Tens of thousands of people took part in this illegal demonstration. In total, 180 people were arrested for offences ranging from rioting, unlawful assembly, assaulting police officers or possession of offensive weapons.


News circulated on social media Indonesian worker got caught by Hong Kong Police after participating in a demonstration on Tuesday. The domestic worker did that because her employer paid her to join the demonstration. As non-resident, it is forbidden to join the movement.

Ivan, an Indonesian migrant worker (PMI) who has lived for almost 20 years in Hong Kong, said she got the news about the arrest from Facebook and her Whatsapp group. The 39 years old woman from Surabaya didn’t know for sure it’s the truth or just the fake news, but she believed that none of her colleagues will act that stupidly. The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) of Hong Kong always provides an appeal for workers to always obey the rules and law enforcement in Hong Kong.

The KJRI Hong Kong has issued a statement regarding the alleged arrest of Indonesian citizens in the pro-democracy demonstration. The KJRI had received reports of information circulating on social media in the form of photographs showing the arrest of an Indonesian citizen / PMI.

In accordance with applicable procedures, the Consulate General always receives written notification from the Hong Kong Police if any Indonesian citizen is detained for any reason. Until now the KJRI has not received information from the Hong Kong Police regarding the detention of Indonesian citizens for being involved in illegal assembly demonstrations or other related criminal acts.

Fake news or hoax are very popular lately, in Hong Kong and other parts of the world such as in Indonesia. When demonstrations in several places in Indonesia against new criminal code took place (9/24) news of the death of students was circulated. One case was after demo in front of the Jakarta Parliament Building and another case was in the South Sumatra Provincial Parliament area. All of them were hoax.

Social media is the platform that is considered the most responsible for spreading fake news. It can be said that social media has almost no responsibility. Once the news circulates there – even though there is a rebuttal or the one who spread it was caught by the police and claimed the news was false, what is written there can continue to circulate without being able to be prevented and most people had already accepted the hoax as the truth.

Meanwhile, no-hoax update news regarding Indonesian citizens in Hong Kong is not a pleasant one.

Veby Mega Indah, an Indonesian journalist of Suara (Voices of Hong Kong) who was shot in the face with a police projectile on Sunday, will end up permanently blind in one eye, according to her lawyer.

“Doctors treating Ms Indah have today informed her that regrettably the injury she received as a result of being shot by police, will result in permanent blindness in her right eye,” said Michael Vidler. “She was informed that the pupil of her eye was ruptured by the force of the impact. The exact percentage of permanent impairment can only be assessed after surgery.”

Foto-foto: Dessy Savitri