Brussels/Berlin/Hong Kong (2/12). The narrative of the Black Hand surfaces in Hong Kong. Plenty of mudslinging going around with the central government calling the ‘foreign forces’ interfering in Hong Kong. In true fashion the western outlets all call this as nonsense and an organized conspiracy.

But the evidence cannot be overlooked. The economy is severely harmed, large destruction of public infrastructure,  over 5,000 arrests, close to 500 police officers injured, one innocent bystander killed, more than 10,000 different bombs found. Neither a political solution is over the horizon, nor are protesters interested in a democratic solution. The extremists bend to continue.

The Chinese foreign ministry announced sanctions against foreign NGOs and cancelled all U.S. naval visits for the immediate time being.

Beijing would also apply sanctions to a number of US-based NGOs, although failed to give any specifics over the form the measures would take. Sanctions will apply to NGOs that had acted “badly” over the recent unrest in Hong Kong, she said, including the National Endowment for Democracy, Human Rights Watch and Freedom House.

Lets for a second look at what is the “Black hand” actually. What’s the mystical beast the rioters employ?

The Hong Kong police gave in a recent press conference an account of the sheer size of the extremists. After clearing the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) from rioters about 4,000 petrol bombs were found. Combined with other universities the number has exceeded 10,000 Molotov Cocktails found by police. Since June 483 police officers were injured. Off duty police officers were attacked and beaten by black bloc extremists. The manufacturing of propaganda coordinated efforts of printed material and the sheer large size of explosives are not leaderless or “spontaneous”.

Earlier black bloc set a Christmas tree in a Singapore owned shopping mall on fire. A disaster and the loss of life was narrowly avoided.

In one case an off-duty police officer was firebombed alive. He escaped barely with his life. A taxi driver was viciously beaten after his taxi was hijacked by the Black bloc mob which steered the car into the crowd.

A father of two who disagreed with rioters was set alight by black bloc rioters and a gang of young woman who agitated the situation by shouting and yelling. The leaders of the Black bloc are unwilling to condemn the violence. This is a dangerous pretext. The U.S. endorsement is likely contributing to further acts of violence.

Police sources are convinced the situation was a deliberate provocation. Another 70-year old citizen was killed after being with a brick thrown by Black bloc rioters.

The number of arrests is staggering but misleading. 5,890 rioters between the ages of 11 to 83 were arrested. 1,377 rioters were arrested at the PolyU. However, the number and ages suggest this is a popular uprising. Some calling it this is an insurgency. But it is not a leaderless movement. The Black hand is evident.

What are the “black hands” (黑手 hēishǒu)?

Originally called the Unification or Death or the Black Hand was a secret military society formed in 1901 by officers of the Serbian Army responsible for the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo in 1914. It was formed with the aim of uniting all the Serbian territories against the Austrian-Hungarian empire. The murder of the royals started World War I and killed an estimated 40 million people.

Source: LIHKG

But the killing of the Austrian archduke and his wife had an overture. Eleven years earlier in 1903 the Black Hand murdered the Serbian king and his wife effectively extinguishing the royal bloodline and his cabinet. The Serbian king received financial support from the Habsburgs and the coup plotter received funds from Russia.

And as so often the intelligence was known. Only a few months before the hit in the streets of Sarajevo the Serbian ambassador to Vienna was ordered to warn the Austrian that Serbia had reasons to believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate the successor to the throne and “stressed in general terms…some serious personal misadventure might befall him….and would deprecate but that would have fatal repercussions on Austro-Serbian relations.” Ignorant as always, the Austrians took no action and the rest as the say is history.

For Hong Kong this is an valuable example. Too many promises, like in Serbia, led into a social, political, and economic collapse. A small number of elitists who proclaim the world will be greener on the other side of the fence effectively set the city on fire, literally and effectively. Yes, great the masses sufficiently agitated have spoken, but what’s next? It seems the protesters have no answer for this expect suffrage now and independent later.

With no political detente on the horizon both sides digged in. Rioters warned, “we need to regather out power…We need some more time to reorganize another wave of movement that can really threaten this regime that is so corrupted.” Many agree, exploiting the tensions that existed for years.

Hong Kong irrelevant? 

Hong Kong is neither economically important and once integrated in the Pearl River development is politically insignificant. The Oxford english and colonial jockey club, the indulging of colonialism becomes a thing of the past. And so some of the expat nonsense that is so prevalent in Hong Kong.

Exporting Revolution: Who’s next? 

The similarities to Hong Kong can be drawn for governments in the region. Intelligence warnings, public statements and omissions by a variety of reporting suggests the Black hand is operating supporting the Black Shirts. In Hong Kong the Black Bloc or the Black Shirts were operating since 2014 in Hong Kong. On 9th February 2016 during the Fishball Revolution as the Mong Kok riots were called, the first sign of attacking police in a Black bloc like fashion are evident.

Like any other terror organization, the factions bid their time, exploit grievances of the public and build a network in the underground. Political scientists call this  vanguardism or beach head movements. For example the Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement has for years used Hong Kong as a springboard for expanding underground Christian movements into the mainland.  Hong Kong, with its greater freedoms and religious liberties, has played a vital role in oxygenating the growth of Christianity on the mainland. Joshua Wong family subscribes to the radical christian movement.

The riots in Hong Kong are the tailend of the process with the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) serving as an vanguardism structure supporting the variety of militant direct-action groups which experts refer as beachheads. “Hong Kong is perfect for setting up action groups to expand into China. With Taiwan close by Hong Kong is an ideal place to build capabilities and promote democracy.”, said an activist.

Screaming aunties, Million Scream, & the IRAs murder yell: Political agitation forming discontent?

For example, the screaming aunties in Hong Kong executing a tactic called to the “million screams”. Hong Kong protesters have taken cue from the noisy tactics in what has been dubbed the “Million Scream” ⁠— a call, that began on August 19, to shout protest slogans from apartments every night at 10pm.

The tactic can see every day on the street. One person reads the slogans received by mobile phone whispers it to another usual woman than gets repeated by a crowd two lines behind. But this is neither new or revolutionary.

Source: GlobalPost

A similar tactic surfaced in Singapore as the “anguished, tormented screaming” group much as a tactic in Hong Kong. In 2018 the screaming is portrayed as a harmless prank. A year earlier a bunch of youths really screamed like Goku from Dragon Ball at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Although it is not suggested the revolution is near, again, similarities of what is in the making can be drawn up. Policy makers, intelligence services better look at the Black Swan that lurks on the horizon with the vanguard operators and nativist movements are on the shores of all SEA countries.

An expert on civil society said, “carbon copy actions which seemingly make no sense, the use of humour or bizarre behaviour are political actions. It builds networks, develops cells and is the grassroot building block to incite resistance. It also is a confidence building measure not to be afraid of the police”.

He added most of the governments are so focused on PR strategies, experts, “advisors” and lobbyists that they just do not have the imagination needed. The Hong Kong police has neither the will power nor the budget to think out-of-the-box. Having a strategic unit or watching for years end a group that may or may not is a threat requires strategic outlook. Only few senior officers are mentally equipped.

The Hong Kong police is firmly embedded in the tradition of the UK police. They look good but lack lateral thinking, said a former senior officer of the Hong Kong police. Physical toughness is not supplemented by intellectual capacity, another added.

For example, the Hong Kong Freedom Press link to an old 1976 flick Network suggests public outcries, panic anxieties and rebellion. Its about corporate injustices, perceived or real. The 2019 riots are by design an extension of the Occupy movement a leftist revolution against the 1 percenters aimed to generate a global rioting scenario. Oddly enough the 1 percenter in Hong Kong like to maintain the status quo.

Cacerolazo is a practice where demonstrators omit words altogether by banging kitchen utensils together to draw attention to grievances. In 2013, cacerolazo was used in the Gezi Park protests against Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan. The tactics were taught by Greenpeace and during training events leading up to the protests. In Hong Kong the tactic was adopted and was inspired by the Chinese writer Lu Xun’s “iron house theory,” which stipulates a group of people in a house made of iron with no windows and limited air supply.

IRAs Murder yell in Hong Kong

Banging pots and screaming was also applied in Northern Ireland to warn of approaching British army patrols. Identical tactics are in use in Hong Kong to move rioters. The “3-bangs” can be heard in most of the demonstrations.

Source: internet, the troubles Northern Ireland

The recent simple tactic of the “murder yell” has the origin in the IRA. A long, drawn-out, high-pitched, keening yell of “M-u-r-derr-eh’ which was taken up by the entire district. Even hardened IRA terrorists said that the sound, combined with the banging of the dustbin lids, pots and pails was an eerie out of body experience. The IRA terrorist cells were guided by red-tinted flashlights. An all clear was given with a green light.

Increasingly questions must be asked if the rioters in Hong Kong draw lessons from a terror organization and the pro-rioter press serves as the apologists front?

Black Hand guides Black Shirts?

What are the components of an underground movement? It needs resources, intelligence and intent. Once the three components in place the level of violence is triggered by claiming some form of paranoid action, like the police disappeared activists or claim of the government is shrinking the democratic space. It usually exploits a grievance which is based on racial, economic or social discontent.

We think it’s important for everyone to understand that—thus far—what has happened cannot be properly understood to be “a movement.” It’s far too inchoate for that.

In Hong Kong the development of resources, the creation of funding structures to funnel money through bitcoin set ups, the setup of an extensive logistics network and create an underground press are evidence of the revolutionary nature. The extent of the organized movement is only now surfacing and shows how ill prepared the authorities were understanding of what is brewing in Hong Kong.

Like in the events leading up to World War I the intelligence present was ignored. Commentators pose the question is this the end of Hong Kong as we know it? Not necessary but a paradigm shift has occurred.

Everybody is scrambling to come to terms with a nascent form of subjectivity that is taking shape before us, now that the formal figureheads of the tendencies you referenced have been crushed and largely marginalized. That includes the “scholarist” fraction of the students, now known as “Demosisto,” and the right-wing “nativists,” both of which were disqualified from participating in the legislative council after being voted in.

First, the Black Bloc is not a leaderless movement. This is false. The Black Hand provided leadership, training guidance, structure, command and controls and funding. The “real system” leaders is like any extremist movement not surfacing out of fear the police will arrest them.

The process begun in 2009 and intensified since 2016 with coordinated meetings, trainings and funds flowing into the movement.

Second, the rioters are not democrats. They are guided by the ‘silver hair’ generation of known pro-US, pro-democrats. It is interesting the Black Bloc refers to the other protesters as a nativist movement insist on maintain the status quo. The divisions within the anarchists are deep as they are ideological, artistic and political differences. The anarchists do not consider the political factions as credible.

“The left” is institutionalized and ineffectual in Hong Kong. Generally, the “scholarist” liberals and “citizenist” right-wingers have a chokehold over the narrative whenever protests break out, especially when mainland China is involved.

All policy, foreign media, and the NGO activist scene argue against a criminal extraction treaty which would allow criminals such as murders, organized crime figures or financial criminals to literally get away with their crimes. It is concerning the European and the United States powers are approving on this bizarre narrative.

The rioters, Joshua Wong and others basically are saying a murderer of a Taiwanese young woman can get away with this crime. Another claim is the surveillance state. The illogical argument is just mind-blowing.

The Chinese surveillance state: Truth or Fiction? 

In August 2019 the security magazine published a top-20 list of cities with the most CCTVs in operation. At no. 6, surprise, surprise London (!) and at no. 10 Atlanta in the United States are leading the western powers. 

Beijing is only at number 9. Singapore at number 11, Chicago ranks at 13th place, and, again, surprise Berlin ranked 19th. So, two US cities are within the top twenty, two more are the former colonial power London and the Germans are covering extensively using CCTV to watch their citizens.

Yes the top five position are Chinese cities. But so are the size of these cities in actual per capita residents. US and western security companies have long pushed for CCTV coverage for crime fighting and cost savings over human security operations. So why the outrage in Hong Kong?

Collapse the System, Sabotage

The 2019 riots are a continuance of the 2014/2015 Umbrella revolution which is a extension of the Occupy movement which is a populist, leftist revolt that emerged in the United States after the near-collapse of the global financial system.

Waiting in the wings are the eco-terror groups like Deep Green Resistance, EarthFirst! just to name a few or the myriad of radicalized groups which teaches system disruptions and government collapse.

The aim of the rioters was clear. Destabilize the authority of the SAR authorities, dehumanize the police force, taint the unblemished record with allegations of human rights violations, systematically destroy the infrastructure of Hong Kong and call for a decisive dismantling of infrastructure. This includes the dismantling critical physical infrastructure required for industrial civilization to function. The actions also include widespread industrial collapse and hampers repair and replacement below ground actions.

The Hong Kong Freedom Press wrote, “Demonstrators took over universities located near major transportation arteries and caused havoc. They closed the East Rail, Tolo highway, the Hung Hom cross-harbour tunnel, and Pokfulam Road – all major transportation links. The public, and even our myopic government, noticed.”

The link between strategy and tactics in Hong Kong planning for a system collapse cannot be ignored.

Foreigners arrested, but ….are did the police get the right ones? 

Channel Asia News quoted the official Guangdong Communist Party newspaper reporting Chinese authorities arrested Lee Henley Hu Xiang, a businessman from Belize living in China and Taiwanese Lee Meng-Chu, both supporting anti-China activities funding key members of what Chinese media described as “hostile forces” and support for activities leading the riots in Hong Kong. Who is the black hand behind is yet to emerge but should not be a surprise.

Two German students were expelled from Hong Kong after being caught. A normal reaction would be denial. Unfortunately not in the case of these two. Shortly after returning in Germany video interviews surfaced in German media amplifying the rioters message of being prepared for ‘to die for the cause’. It can not be get as morphid as possible. The pair did however not receive much sympathy back home.

Ultimately, the Hong Kong police is incapable of understanding the links between the activists.

Last week the ‘po-po’ were on the crime scene at PolyU, fingerprinting over 1,000 Molotov bottles, unaccounted bombs of various designs, mortar launchers, bows and arrows, catapult and other deadly contraptions. Police collected over 10,000 arson bombs of a variation of designs. The surfacing of TATP in students’ hands last week is even more concerning.

Some moderates believe that radical protesters went too far by vandalizing university facilities, say Charles Fung at CUHK and Lee Chung-wing from PolyU. The anti-government, anti-police narrative is an artificial narrative. The aim? to trigger a political condemnation and revoke favourable trade agreements with the United States. This was achieved.

With the passing of the Hong Kong Democratic Act the high fiving and whooping can be heard all around the social media circus. And in quick succession the Solomon Yue is quick to call for sanctions to lobby against evildoers in both Hong Kong and China!

Solomon Yue preparing a sanction list

Clearly this is only the first act in what is an insurrection by rioters in Hong Kong. Aimed to shift the balance of power and retain the status quo. Allegations, fake news, and rhetoric are flying thick around in the social media space. Confusion is deliberately spread. The Black hand aims to confuse.

Jefferson Morlay the biographer of James Angleton wrote, “He believed that a counterespionage service had to have an insatiable appetite for information about foreign activities to as to be in a position to restrict, eliminate, or control the ways by which other states collected their intelligence.” Is Hong Kong becoming the battle-ground for foreign intelligence services?

The Snowden affair irked many and cemented the reputation of the city are a playground for foreign intelligence operators.  Accusations that post-1997 Britain and the US have significant spying networks operating in Hong Kong are as numerous as they are probably true, wrote the South China Morning Post.

The Black Bloc Intelligence Unit, prelude to 2020 insurgency? 

A critical examination is needed. Life in Hong Kong has become a state in a state. Paranoia is ruling daily life pitting neighbour against neighbour. The level of violence is on the increase. Reports of rioters conducting intensive surveillance and counter surveillance operations surfaced in the past six months.

Black Bloc intelligence inspecting journalists

Black Shirts routinely stopped journalists, verified their credentials and executed counter-intelligence surveillance.  TV crews, journalists are routinely searched by the intelligence affinity group members to prevent police infiltration. This is not democracy.

So is the use of confusion agents who is dispatched by the sponsor for the primary purpose of confounding the intelligence or counterintelligence apparatus are as evident in the streets of Hong Kong. The use of influencing agents is as old as espionage in Hong Kong can be equally found in agents posing as journalists, routinely claim revolution or a low-level insurgency is going on in Hong Kong.

The other favourite was the now “former” UK foreign office guy who was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute on the mainland is claiming being abused. The artful and now poster boy (literally) the now former employee for the UK diplomatic mission for the Black hands at play. The next variation will be police is planting evidence in PolyU.

The NGO tactics of signing petitions to express their outrage run by the Hong Kong Watch titled Renowned Academics Among Over 3,700 Supporting The “Petition by Global Academics Against Police Brutality in Hong Kong” very soon is morphing into another favourite tactic calling it “99% of all academics support …insert your favourite pet beef….”-tactic.

The Chinese response? So far ineffective.

China has called repeatedly for external powers stop meddling in the affairs in Hong Kong. The allegations are colourful tuned to the diplomat’s worldview on how ruled-based order works. But the demarche, the denial of “uncovered documents by independent journalists” and efforts by the central government are …. useless.

So far China has finger-wagged, pounding on the chest and re-runs of communist propaganda. The propaganda of Beijing insists that protesters are manipulated by the West.

But the apologist’s surface as much as the pro-China and anti-China narratives clash. Wilson Wong wrote, “It is understandable why people have been asking whether the Hong Kong protests might have received foreign backing, though there is no evidence to conclude as such right now, says the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Associate Professor Wilson Wong.”

Accusations of foreign interference were ignored. Then came the photo. The China Daily has a point, but Chinese officials missed the point.

Chen Weihua

View image on Twitter
The pro-rioting press calls the photo of Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, and others meeting with American official Julie Eadeh “a blunder”. A blunder of getting caught or a blunder of engaging with U.S. foreign diplomats.

If we put the shoes on the other foot for a minute. Imagine if a foreign diplomat meets the “minuteman” or Texan separatists discussing conceding from the union in Washington? The public outcry, investigations in meddling in U.S. affairs would go into a frenzy, as they are now. As a true Reaganite it is hard to ignore the current hypocritical stance by U.S. foreign policies executed on the expense of us, the citizen of Hong Kong.

The apologists argue only nine of the 69 projects from the NED are in Hong Kong. Of the 22 million dollars only 1,511,220 US dollars were allocated to Hong Kong and no figures for 2019 are available. This is not entirely true and many of the funding is for actions that include capacity building in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. The NED and the U.S. administration has supported the development of civil society groups, encouraged the exchange that allowed the rise of extremists.

In the muddled world of black hand operations, black bag jobs, and deniability of intelligence the United States routinely uses proxies to achieve the deeds of their masters. Hong Kong is one of such examples. To conceal the hand is an essential part of the Gene Sharp Oslo Freedom Forum.

The pro-rioter press formed following the failed Umbrella Revolution also shows the influence operations expand the obvious. Funding for the China Digital Times by the NED focuses on the surveillance technology in development by China. It developed over three years a narrative of the China is the total surveillance state.

It is odd taken into account the scandals and breaches of violating privacy are committed by Facebook, Google and other IT giants located in western societies. In March the EU fined Google 1.48 billion euros for abusive practices.

The near hysterical screams for privacy however do not apply for U.S. officials, oddly enough. An examination of the ICIJ database shows very little American corruption. None of the responsible executives responsible for the 2008 global meltdown were held accountable. The Black hand is a perfect detractor to deflect of the internal issues the United States face.

Doxxing police officers and their kids seems to be fair game. So does fire bombing, setting officers alight while alive, or built primitive IEDs to bomb a bus. Another was targeting Singaporean bank branches and setting a shopping mall on fire. These are early signs of things yet to come.

In the post-election victory rioters continue to attack members of the public. In the latest incident a citizen clearing the road from debris he was assaulted by a rioter and knocked out. He could have as easily be killed.

Hong Kong versus Los Angeles riots

We all forgot the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. In only six days, 63 people were killed, 2,383 injured and a whooping 12,111 arrests. Losses were estimated between 800 million dollars and 1 billion US dollars. A curfew was implemented forcing the mobilization of 13,500 men from the Army National Guards, soldiers from the 7th Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Division eventually controlling the situation. In comparison to Hong Kong, no troops from the Peoples Liberation Army and only the few casualties were killed by the protesters.

The evidence however cannot be ignored. Tactics from Gene Sharp, the radical NGO scene and the black bloc perhaps muddle the academia, but the fingerprints of the various actors are easily identifiable. It is hence an oversimplification to claim no foreign interests and linkage is present when former officials from the colonial administration are wined and dined by U.S. administration officials.

In a strident front-page commentary Tuesday, the People’s Daily accused Western politicians of defending “anti-China forces” in Hong Kong. From a Chinese perspective the following statement illustrates the Chinese perspective:

Promoting Western Constitutional Democracy: An attempt to undermine the current leadership and the socialism with Chinese characteristics system of governance.  Some people still use the phrase “constitutional dream” to distort the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, saying things like “constitutional democracy is the only way out” and “China should catch up with the rest of the world’s trend toward constitutional governance.” The point of publicly proclaiming Western constitutional democracy’s key points is to oppose the party’s leadership and implementation of its constitution and laws. Their goal is to use Western constitutional democracy to undermine the Party’s leadership, abolish the People’s Democracy, negate our country’s constitution as well as our established system and principles, and bring about a change of allegiance by bringing Western political systems to China.

Viewing civil society as a magic bullet for advancing social management at the local level, they have launched all kinds of so-called citizen’s movements.

Advocates of civil society want to squeeze the Party out of leadership of the masses at the local level, even setting the Party against the masses, to the point that their advocacy is becoming a serious form of political opposition.

Western countries, led by the United States, carry out their Neoliberal agendas under the guise of “globalization,” visiting catastrophic consequences upon Latin America, the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe, and have also dragged themselves into the international financial crisis from they have yet to recover.

The supposed goal of this “black hand” is to trigger a “colour revolution” in Hong Kong — such as those that have shaken the Arab world since 2011 — and split the territory from the rest of China again.

The media insists on referencing the cases of Libya and Syria to demonstrate that these revolutions degenerate into civil wars — a contrast with the stability of China’s authoritarian system. This week the China Daily accused protesters of turning university campuses into “a Syria-like battlefield”. Taken the images from the campus as a guide, Chinese media sad to say, has a point.

The media insists on referencing the cases of Libya and Syria to demonstrate that these revolutions degenerate into civil wars — a contrast with the stability of China’s authoritarian system. This week the China Daily accused protesters of turning university campuses into “a Syria-like battlefield”. Taken the images from the campus as a guide, Chinese media has a point.

American agitators delivering a daily dose of anti-Chinese narratives on Facebook and social media calls the riots routinely, “a fight of the patriots” against the “Chinazis”, the police “stooges of the communist army in china”, the rioters “the braves”, “the patriots”, “liberators”, and the riots are “a low type of insurgency”, a war-like state.

But this is not limited to the political black hand. Religious fanatics surface such the Roman Catholic imperialist. The role of the Church such as the Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement is long associated with penetration of China to spread their narrative. The Christian Science Monitor reported it can no longer claim a Western conspiracy behind protests that Ms. Lam deems quite legitimate.

False allegations of “casualties” and a police officer “cover up” aimed to stoke public sentiments, calling the officers “scumbags”. Both Hong Kong police officials and the SAR administration are lacking the mental capability to expose fake news.

China has denounced the legislation as gross interference and violation of international law, and on Thursday labelled the United States the “biggest black hand” behind the unrest in Hong Kong.

The National Democratic Institute head says suggestions that it is promoting Hong Kong independence are false and amount to misinformation. However, Michael Pillsbury a former Reagan official said, “We have also funded millions of dollars of programs through the National Endowment for Democracy … so in that sense the Chinese accusation (that the US played a role in Hong Kong protests) is not totally false…” he said.

MintPress News, a US news website, has reported that some groups involved in recent rioting in Hong Kong received significant funding from the National Endowment for Democracy, which it described as “a CIA soft-power cut-out that has played a critical role in innumerable US regime-change operations”.

The South China Morning Post says it commits more than $170 million each year to “labour unions, political factions, student clubs, civic groups, and other organizations”.

China has long accused “Western hostile forces” – such as the United States and Britain – of playing a behind-the-scenes role in instigating protests in Hong Kong as part of a broader effort to undermine Communist Party rule, with the NDI and its partner the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) frequent targets of Beijing’s ire.

Already in July Chinese officials warned the U.S. to remove the “black hands” from Hong Kong. The Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said of the protests, “We can see that U.S. officials are behind such incidents.”

The Chinese Intelligence failure. 

The Chinese intelligence structures are relatively toothless and missed the boat full of rioters of the size of the Titanic. Wrapped in suspicions, communist paranoia and a state of distrust created this 9/11 sized problem for Beijing and Hong Kong.

Experience shows that some inside Beijing’s sprawling intelligence apparatus said, “wait a minute, Beijing we got a problem”, but like the Americans prior to the 9/11 attacks missed the insurgency is brewing under their noses.

The latest fake spin is that the Hong Kong police is tainted with the claim of murderers, rapist and other lovely titles. Only one problem. This a false narrative and flat out propaganda. Questions surface if the two bill signed by the president do more harm than good.

Today, the use of violence has been normalized. It poses the question what is coming next?

The blow back the protesters create has potentially real serious implications if the police will be dismantled and a new force under direct command from the Ministry of State Security, the Paramilitary Police replacing the Hong Kong Police Force.

In the interview of the Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom the Hardtalk host Steven Sackur called the Hong Kong Police incapable to contain the protests.

He has a point, not much glory for the boys in blue. Sackur suggestion plays into the dangerous narrative from the protesters calling the Hong Kong police “murderers” and “communist China’s stooges”. China might take up the opportunity presenting itself.

But regardless of the politics and the euphoria the reality is however the crime scene processing is ongoing fingerprints appearing on bow and arrows, gas bombs and Molotov cocktail.

Let’s see how the real system handles the first court charges with fingerprints presented to the court. Guess the claim of tainted or planted evidence will show up next.

To what end? American Revolutionism versus Marxist ideology.

The United States and its allies are waging revolutionary warfare against communism. This policy is not necessary a Donald Trump invention, but it has not changed since the cold war. The United States is the ultimate revolutionary state.

Serbulent Turan in an article in the Conversation questioned if the United States are on the brink of a revolution? The Arab Spring was triggered by angry fishmongers with corrupt police. The 2016 Mong Kok riots, nicknamed the Fishball Revolution illustrated the poor preparedness of the Hong Kong police. The poor intelligence and crisis management capability identified in 2016 carried over to 2019.  The black hand narrative of claims of “police brutality” surfaced in the 2016 Monk Kok riots.

Law Yuk-kai, the director of independent the watchdog Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, says that “the most important structural problem here is the deep hatred of the youth against police measures in the past, especially police brutality. The police got beat up for the first time—people are missing a very important part of this incident.”

The video shows for the first time the police can be defeated and the mob is ready to kill officers. The Black Bloc cladded rioters are very clearly visible. Police command missed that Black elephant.

Donald Trump, despite his domestic dramas, flamboyant character is known to see himself as the revolutionary new version of Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States. His administration is continuing a set policy against China. His reluctance of signing the bill introduced by his own Republican party is found in the verbiage of the president. But is unlikely to change due to the domestic political pressure the American president faces.

Trump is a negotiator. He needs the Chinese deal, politically. Hence imposing sanctions on Hong Kong officials, which are ready made, will possibly push the envelope of the Chinese and damage the relations between the super-powers. Even if a trade deal is being made the situation in Hong Kong will be an uneasy peace.

What many observers in the west miss, Hong Kong is not important contrary to the rhetoric. It will be absorbed into the mega metropolis of creating the largest mega city of Shenzhen-Hong Kong, Guangzhou and a few other cities. Once merged it is estimated the combined GDP is bigger than Germany. The new Pearl River Delta will account for nearly one-tenth of the Chinese economy.

Oddly enough the Chinese notion of freedom of travel, work and healthcare facilities (!) is a corner piece d’ resistance by the Hong Kong rioters. Claims are rejected by Beijing.

Over the next six years, around 150 major infrastructure projects will mesh the transport, energy, water and telecommunications networks of the nine cities together, at a cost of some 2 trillion yuan (£190 billion). An express rail line will also connect the hub with nearby Hong Kong.

The choices are, either adapt to the new realities or become irrelevant. Despite the democratic rhetoric the British rule in Hong Kong has left behind a crumbling infrastructure, depleted buildings in Kowloon and a city ruled by triads, organized crimes involved in drug smuggling, human trafficking, gambling and financial crimes.

Hong Kong today reminiscent of the Tortuga, the bastion of debauchery for pirates and criminals, prostitutes and scallywags of the 17th century only to be replaced by Port Royal the “Sodom of the New World”. Maybe Hong Kong today is descending into the Sodom of the Old Colonists hanging on to becoming economically, politically and socially insignificant. After all the foreign NGOs pursue a nativist narrative which emerges as a constant in the riots.

Walking around the newer development in Hong Kong one cannot escape the ruling elites fast expiring role of relevance. The yet to emerging political class following the landslide victory by the rioters is only the beginning of the revolution. It is clear Beijing understood not to be baited by the rioters. But the battle is just beginning.