On Tuesday, university officials spent hours searching for anyone left. The fight for control of the Polytechnic University has been one of the defining moments of nearly six months of anti-government protests in the territory.

Protesters barricaded themselves inside the campus almost two weeks ago. The authorities responded by sealing off the campus, trapping more than 1,000 inside. Over the past week, most protesters have either surrendered or escaped.

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Belongings are left on a basketball courtImage copyrightAFPPresentational white space

A team including university management, security guards, councillors and the Hong Kong Red Cross walk through a canteen in search of any remaining protesters who may be hiding.Presentational white space

A team walk though a canteen kitchen at PolyUImage copyrightAFP

Food was left cooking on a hob in the canteen kitchen.

Food left cooking on a hob is seen in the canteen kitchen at the Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityImage copyrightAFP

Activists – some armed with bows and arrows – engaged in intense battles with the police during the siege. Other items found during the search included, below, a Molotov cocktail and a hammer left on the roof of a university building.Presentational white space

A Molotov cocktail and a hammer left on the roof of a university buildingImage copyrightREUTERS

A disparate collection of items were found discarded inside buildings on the campus. Here, clothes could be seen strewn all over a bathroom floor.

Clothes are discarded in university bathroomsImage copyrightAFP

Other items left behind by protesters included face masks…

Face masks are left on a tableImage copyrightREUTERS

…helmets and food left in one room…

Belongings such as helmets and food are left in a roomImage copyrightREUTERS

…and other belongings left in a dorm.Presentational white space

Belongings left in a dorm room in Hong Kong PolytechnicImage copyrightREUTERSPresentational white space

Officials found only one woman lying exhausted on a couch, who refused to leave. Others might be in hiding, but it is thought unlikely that anyone else remains.Presentational white space

A shattered window at Poly U