Hong Kong (17/10).  After initial cat-and-mouse games with the Hong Kong Police, the first operations to capture members of the notorious Black Bloc anarchist destroying the MTR stations and endanger lives of Hong Kongers shows traction. The offenders arrested during raids by the police were caught destroying public property and endangering lives.

Police arrests Black Bloc member sabotaging Hong Kong MTR station (13/10)

recent video showing a Kung Fu style attack on an Hong Kong Police officer was actually an botched attempted robbery. The two attackers were caught and are charged under the criminal code awaiting sentencing.

For the first time we can see the faces of the offenders caught in the action. The “Front”, as the Hong Kong Human Rights Front is called, and the leadership of Nathan Law, Denise Ho, and Joshua Wong are oddly enough silent and were not available for comments when our reporters attempted to reach for comments.  Whereas the leaders are claiming the movement is leaderless the evidence show otherwise.

Mobs of attacking visitors from the mainland, destruction of Chinese businesses and extortion attempt by radical groups damaging Hong Kong’s economy. “I wish they would stop”, says a elderly lady in Mong Kok.

The increasing in violence, harassment of women speaking a mainland accents does indeed remind us of the Nazis, in which a different opinion or looks were haunted.

The Hong Kong protesters can no longer claim the moral high ground after photos of woman who express their right to speak out are beaten to pulp. Democracy goes both ways it seems the Black Bloc have forgotten what they claim.

Hong Kongers and the new gangs under the name of “freedom” are no longer having the credibility they once claim. Destruction of the MTR are widespread and us, the Hong Kong citizens will eventually have foot the bill for the lunatic madness.

Police also looking for information for a group of mid-20 young men, possible middle eastern heritage who were involved in the shuffle with a mainland woman. One of the participant was armed with a steel pipe.

Source: You Tube

Hong Kong Police successful arrests tactics comes after a few command changes. The new head of Operations Frank Kwok Yam-yung is taking over operations shifting from the cat and mouse game to intelligence based operations. Greater exposure of offenders to the public is expected.  Hong Kong Police sources warn of criminal and mob actions against visitors to Hong Kong, regardless of nationality will be prosecuted with the harshest means available.

Hong Kong Protest Infographic (Courtesy of CitizenDaily.news)

The successful arrests of the bomb makers show a troubling trend for Hong Kong. Protesters are willing to kill. The destruction and sabotage of the MTR system shows the political leadership of the movement needs to be held responsible for the destructions of Hong Kong.