Hong Kong (18/19 November).  After negotiations with Hong Kong Police officers and local politicians large numbers of protesters holed up at the Polytechnical University in Hong Kong surrendered to police. Hong Kong Police officials promised underaged protesters below 18-years old will not be charged but registered.

Hardcore radicals remain in the Polytechnical University to hold out against the Hong Kong police. Food supplies and drinks are running low. The university is thrashed by the demonstrators and emotional scenes of protesters suffering from break downs as slowly the reality of their actions is sinking in.

Police officials are hoping the hardcore radicals surrender to police. At the time of filing of this report older leaders were led away by police.

Source: social media

Police has repeatedly identified a large number of female protesters in the ranks surrendering to the police Tuesday morning.

Source: social media

Throughout the night pockets of resistances were battling police setting roads on fire and avoid arrests.

Rumors & Fake news 

Foreign agent provocateurs continue to circulate fake news. An U.S. citizen and his local Hong Kong stringer are alleging in live feeds on Facebook “mass casualties” and accuses the Hong Kong police attempts to conceal the victims from the public.

In a expletive online video recording the individual shouts at the police officers and accused them of committing human rights atrocities claiming to submit the evidence to his two senators in the state of Florida who will vote on U.S. legislation to sanction Hong Kong.

Hong Kong police officials were unable to comment on the allegations.