Hong Kong/China (1/1).  Police in Hong Kong busted a syndicate which provided radio communication equipment to protesters before the rally today. A total of 5 core members including 3 men and 2 women aged between 25-68 years old were arrested. They were bankers, retail staff, engineer and retiree respectively.

Police operations discovered the illegal radio operation during the past riots on the October 1st, October 31st, and November 17th. This is a first time success for the Hong Kong police.

Hong Kong Police identified illegal radio communications in use monitoring police communications, strategies and tactics. The cell, referred in extremists circle, an Affinity Group monitoring the number of police officers deployed and their movement.

The information was relayed via radio communications on regular bases. Two of the suspects were in charge of setting up  the wireless communications network. Two of the female suspects were relying messages. The fifth member was managing the hand held radios (walkie-talkies) to the front lines radical and extremists. Embedded with the groups the system relayed tactical information accurately and quickly.

This is the first time the Hong Kong police gained the upper hand in the information warfare. The five men team (three men and two woman) were arrested today at 1245 at different locations in Hong Kong.

Police found a replica gun, 4 axes, 7 knives, 2 bullet-proof vests in one of the residences of a suspect.

The arrests in Happy Valley, Sau Mau Ping and TST are a success for the Hong Kong police. Experts said, “This is first clear victory for the Hong Kong Police of discovering the leaders of the extremists.”

“The riots in Hong Kong are a new development for the regional police forces. The use of sophisticated tactics, including radio and wireless networks show the Hong Kong police are learning the new dynamics of extremists.”

It is expected more arrests are being carried out by Hong Kong police in connection with the cells.