Hong Kong (29/10). A freelance photographer for the Hong Kong Freedom Press faced Hong Kong Police justice after refusing to identify herself. Tempers flared, voices raised and the photographer identified as May James was arrested on the spot for failing to comply with an lawful order. After a night in the lock up the photographer was released on bail. So far so good.

By Tuesday the pro-protester media machinery went into overdrive. Allegations of police brutality, a staged yelling match between Amy Ip at the Hong Kong Police press briefing, a walk out by the usually stoic Superintendent John Tse and the five minutes of fame for a stringer of Australians “Four Corners” and the boycotting of police press conference by Apple Daily Hong Kong news just gives the reader a flair of the deep rifts the protests caused.

However, the coin has two sides. May James photography depicts the demonstrators as some form of hero worship. It is as so often a romanticized version of journalists on the cushion of the left. All dressed in black the black bloc is not fighting against an oppressive regime. After all Hong Kong falls under, yes we guessed it right, British laws. So what’s with the bitching?

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The Black Bloc are good old Left Wing Extremists. The Chinese carbon copy of the fire bombers of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei in Greece, the G-20 Black Bloc in Hamburg, the Seattle Antifa hordes and the recent rioters seen in Jakarta and Papua. In Greece the firebombed a bank branch killing a pregnant teller inside.

In Hong Kong they attempted to built within 4 months a TATP bomb. It took the Indonesian jihadis close to ten years.  The notion this is all for a greater cause is not only naive but deeply flawed. Building bombs commonly called “the Mother of Satan” makes the Hong Kong riots extremists.

Some 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of triacetone triperoxide (TATP) — the same high explosive used in the 2005 London transport bombings and the deadly Easter attacks in Sri Lanka — was seized in the district of Tsuen Wan. A 27-year-old member of the pro-independence Hong Kong National Front was arrested.

Building bombs, torching shops, destroying public transportation and setting off an IED targeting police officers, or doxxing their children is not democratic, or peaceful. Period.

What do they have all in common? Gene Sharp and a leftist movement based on the environmental fanatics of the Occupy Movement, the Umbrella Revolution and the Extinction Rebellion in the United Kingdom attempting to bring down the government.  In the UK attempts were made to block the airport. Sounds familiar? George Monbiot and his Green mates was finally dragged off by the peelers.

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making. (Extinction Rebellion statement)

Is this a worthy and vital attempt to safeguard the planet for future generations? Or an extremist group with a subversive anti-capitalist agenda? Or just another propagande par le fait, a specific political action meant to be exemplary to others and serve as a catalyst for revolution.

Two former counter terrorism officers wrote, “Extinction Rebellion rejects both our representative democracy and the liberal free market economy and explicitly seeks to overturn both”. Roger Hallam is a self confessed revolutionary. Hallam was arrested for trying to disrupt flight operations in Heathrow. Public Safety of others seems an acceptable loss for the extremists.

Richard Walton, a former counter-terror chief, who warned that the Extinction Rebellion (XR was founded by an Greenpeace employee in 2015) should be treated as an extremist anarchist group intent on “revolution” aimed at achieving a breakdown of the state and democracy.

Essentially these are all anti-capitalist cults deeply rooted in Marxist theory. It’s odd that the new communists protesting against the old-Chinese Marxists. It’s a great new world.

The Extinction Rebellion Hong Kong founder surfaces on  the contributor list of the Hong Kong Freedom Press. He lectures in one of the universities in Hong Kong.

The shift to the left in universities was noted in a study by the Adam Smith Institute in the UK. Eight out of ten universities tilting to the left. This trend applies to Hong Kong.

Ideological homogeneity within the academy may have had a number of adverse consequences: systematic biases in scholarship; curtailments of free speech on university campuses; and defunding of academic research by right-wing governments. According to the online magazine Spiked, which has begun compiling an annual ranking of 115 British universities, 90% censored speech in one form or another during 2016

We are in  the age of mass hysteria. Frank Furedi calls this “the politics of fear”, fear of our neighbors, fear of the world will end in twelve years and other fake news are agitating the public. Very little critical questions are asked. What are the causes of the Hong Kong riots? Who is behind them? Who funds the riots?

Camilla Turner wrote, “Social settings characterised by too little diversity of viewpoints are liable to become afflicted by group think, a dysfunctional atmosphere where key assumptions go unquestioned, dissenting opinions are neutralized, and favoured beliefs are held as sacrosanct.”

Fears of the doom of our times we all perish in 12 years is rubbish spoken by a Swedish student who looks like the Bund fuer Deutsche Maedels (BDM) of the Nazi regime adopting a sort of Jean d’Arc mystic forecast of her generation will die. Reality check. Yes you will. Welcome to humanity.

Unless you are overrun by some crazy taxi driver on the streets of Wan Chai or burned by some Black Bloc throwing Molotov Cocktail. We will find out by 2031.

Source: LA Times

Meanwhile in Hong Kong….

Talking about firebombing the MTR stations. In Hong Kong records show Joshua Wong first actual protest was against the MTR integration to the mainland in 2009. Called the Anti-Hong Kong Express Rail Link movement before he switched over to an easier target of his age. The educational bill.

But for Joshua Wong not everything is peachy. In 2015 he was challenged by angry commuters on the MTR leading to an curse-word filled exchange. The YouTube account was terminated. In 2018 the campaign against the MTR returned and in 2019 rage destroyed the majority of the MTR stations causing 50 million HK dollars in damage.

In this madness Hong Kong, Chile, Jakarta, London, Beirut, a whole bunch of crazies lay fire to cities. “Burn Down Babylon” and other Black Bloc slogans are the new world order. But , it will be now soon obvious to the mere mortals, the public, that we are dealing with false prophets and good old extremists and the Summer of Rage comes with a price tag borne by the public. After all the Black Bloc are extremists. They are not democrats. Period.

One more point. Beating up some taxi driver, or traveller on the MTR because they speak a different dialects is pure and simply racist. Period. We must as a society resist the temptation to fall in love with violence. That’s how civil wars start. The hate for your fellow man.

Like the prosecution of the Jews, Hutus in Rwanda, the Yazidi in Syria and Iraq, targeting the Chinese from the mainland are signs of the so called democratic protest movement in Hong Kong is racist, misogynistic and elitist.  This is not a popular uprising. This revolution is driving BMW’s. New ones I might add.

The rest of mere mortals can not afford German machinery. We stuck in the MTR which was destroyed by Black bloc mindless idiots. The irony is actually, that is the same children will pay for costs of the damage. So yes, for the black dressed hipsters here is the message from the middle aged old farts.

Your destruction of 2019 will be charged back to you by 2047. Preferable before 2031 and before the 12 years are up. So doom on you. Unless you want to walk all the way you better all learn to fix things.

Studies show the Hong Kong riots are executed by the educated middle class. Funded by some good old elitists who are becoming irrelevant. The owner of apply daily, which is by the way a multi-billionaire of Giordano clothing sales is likely not using the MTR. Neither is Denise Ho who is part of the elite. Records do show the extensive funding by the National Endowment Fund for Democracy (NED).

But as always with U.S. policy if, the media darlings of the Gene Sharp’s Oslo Freedom Forum who are handed around in the circles of the powerful, will run its course the future of the rioters are uncertain. U.S. policy changes regularly. But great power politics aside, the bottom line is,

The Black Bloc are bullies. And everyone who does associate it with them. This includes the Joshua Wongs, Denise Ho, Nathan Law and all the folks who think this is fun.  Extorting and intimidate businesses because they do not pay a levy to the purveyors of hate is wrong. Public doxxing is wrong. It shows the cowardness of the Black Bloc to target children.

I would be a sign of true character for the leaders of the rage to stand up against the violence and reject the public destruction. After all that’s what democrats do.

The destruction of public assets, intimidate others, fire bomb police officers off duty, doxx families including small children for revenge purposes and brutally attack innocent is not democratic. This is the same intimidation terror tactic used by the Islamic State, the KGB or the Stasi in East Germany.

And if you are a “Silver hair” you actually remember what was real oppressive terror.

What is at stake?

This is not a story about a poor photographer personal liberties are at stake. This is the story of unbiased reporting. It is about finding a bit humility and reflect.

If this photographer would be in the US or Germany, or France matter of fact, very little attention would be given to her.  A police officer ask for an identification. You do not produce as requested let’s say in the heart of Paris you will be warned once, maybe twice.

If you give the police some lip service just for good TV coverage, you will be charged and arrested. In Paris, the CRS, the riot police, will drag your sorry behind over the pavement, pepper spray you for good measure, and if you mouth off, charge you with resisting arrests. Period.

You can explain yourself to the judge after. If he gots time.

As the old saying goes, “without fear and favour” should have an addendum. “No one is above the law”, even if the got a “Press” sticker on your helmet. May James did not.

In Hong Kong the offender looked into the camera and continue to argue with a female officer. Bad call. She blow her bubble. Who wouldn’t.

The patience the Hong Kong Police Force, and this is an unpopular view, is remarkable. No points for being a reporter. We are not above the law.

A bit of humility, less mouthing off, less entitlement does go far. Even for reporters in Hong Kong.