Hong Kong / China (1/3).   The arrests of the protest’s leaders Jimmy Lai and the pro-democracy legislator Yeung Sum and former legislator and vice chairman of the Labour Party, Lee Cheuk-yan are the first of expected arrests by authorities in Hong Kong.

The arrests are the tip of the iceberg of protests that damaged Hong Kong economy and put the city for a six month stand still. Informed insiders note that more arrests should be expected hurting the protesters movement.

Expert repeatedly stated that the riots in Hong Kong are neither leaderless nor an organic movement. The Hong Kong Artist Union, new union groups, the medical structures and the alternative lawyers body formed the backbone what is a powerful elitist structure in Hong Kong.

The movement has for some time already morphed into an extremist movement. Police officials desperately try to contain the extremists but with mixed results. The arrests of Jimmy Lai certainly is the right path, but the extremists still display the capability to act at will.

The global Black Bloc called it the Summer in Smoke and declared Hong Kong the new Mecca for black bloc resistance. Recently instructions how the take down 5G cell towers surfaced in the anarchist publications.

In a yet another bizarre expression the anarchists linked the corona virus to attempts to social control and call for resistance against governments attempts to spread the virus. In Hong Kong designated centers were set on fire. The movement twisted interpretation of freedom and democracy has lost the grip of reality.

The global links to protests around the world can no longer be ignored. Hong Kong serves as the new gold standard for the global anarchist movement calling to spread anarchy everywhere.

Anti-authoritarianism rallies to be held in over 40 cities globally ” There will be protests in Australia, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, UK and US. … A demonstration is scheduled to begin in Hong Kong on Sunday at 2:30pm…organisers did not apply for police approval.” But the best expression of solidarity is to attack the growing authoritarianism in your own situation (whether it’s expressed by individuals or the state) – as they are doing in Indonesia “Indonesian students who took to the streets this week to block new laws they feared would threaten hard-won reforms mobilised amid a flurry of online activity that included tips and advice from pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

The city was rocked by terror groups attempting to force an overthrow of government calling for a temporary creation of a shadow government, cells building TATP bombs, and widespread demonstrations.

The attempted shooting of protestors during a rally was aimed to blame the police for the shooting was narrowly thwarted by Hong Kong Police. The incident shows how extremist the factions within the Hong Kong black bloc have become.

It begs the question will the arrests halt the protests. ‘Unlikely’, said an expert, ‘the rioters are keeping the fires burning. The arrests will undoubtedly put a dent into the leadership of the rioters, but the street action continues.’.

The demonstrations will return in the summer 2020 as a legislative power play is in the making. Certain elites want more power, the central government will unlikely agree. The administration from Beijing is forced to act. The Summer in Smoke 2020 is in the making.