Hong Kong (23/10). The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) continues to execute raids and arrests Black Bloc protesters. The successful shift in police tactics is showing results. Hong Kong Police are in the process of dismantling cells of violent protesters. Arrests are continue throughout Hong Kong.

Police contacts point out the role of female protesters arrested and unmasked. “This is a new trend. They are as violent as their male counterpart”, said one police officer.

Video broadcast on Hong Kong television also showed a masked, black-clad protester dropping a riot officer with a flying high kick, followed by two other protesters who beat the officer on the ground and tried unsuccessfully to snatch his gun. What the media coverage does not show is that the police officer responded to a robbery in progress. The offenders were arrested and charged.

Police operations are expected to increase in tempo. Police contacts report a vast number of arrested and charged demonstrators are unaware of the consequences once convicted. “A number of arrested protesters claim they expected to be tortured by the police and shipped off to the mainland”, a senior officials from the Justice department said.

“These are fake news, plain and simple”, she said, “Many arrested are simple mislead by agitators.” Spreading fake news is an crime under section 9 and 10 of the crime ordinance. “We will take the spread of fake news very serious and prosecute anyone who spreads fake news“, she added.

The past months seen a sharp increase in terrorism and extremist violence in Hong Kong. Chief Superintendent John Tse Chun-chung, head of the Hong Kong police public relations bureau, said that 68 people, including 53 men and 15 women, aged 15 to 67, were arrested during protests from Friday to Sunday (Oct. 18-20).

They were arrested on charges that included theft, illegal assembly, wearing of masks, criminal damage, unlawful fighting in a public place, and possession of offensive weapons.