A view hours ago, the pro-demonstrator Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reported, “…Videos circulating on Saturday afternoon show two young men being arrested for unclear reasons, purportedly by off-duty officers, at Lok Wah Estate – not the site of any protests….”. However, examination of the incident paints a different picture.

Sources within the anti-Hong Kong demonstrator scene reported the two arrested were a 16-year Black Bloc demonstrator (dressed in all black) and his 18-year old friend and “handler”. The police due to the underage of the detained were unable to release the names of the detained pair.

The police unit after some struggle with the anti-Hong Kong protesters the two who were planning to transport equipment to a demonstration. The arrests shines a light on the successful interception of protesters by Hong Kong police from a police station in the Kowloon district.

Hong Kong police arrests black-clad anti-Hong Kong protester (14/9)

“Tan”, a protest coordinator who did not want to be known with his true name claimed the 18-year old is a “clean skin”, meaning he has no police record hence hoping the police can not charge him with an offense. The term is usually used within the extremist protesters scene of the global activists.

The 16-year old black clad detained protester was in the possession of a large amount of demonstrator paraphernalia. With the 16-year old being a minor, a demonstration tactic taught by the Norwegian funded Oslo Freedom Fund teaches how protesters must interact with police officers during arrests, it is unclear if charges will be filed against the teenager.

Protester “Ashley”, not her correct name said the 16-year old is the “useful idiot” who will after the arrest more determined to join the cause since the police has to release the minor into the care of his parents. The demonstrators are practicing these tactics taught my NGOs such as Greenpeace and other groups in the mandatory “Non-Violence Action Training”, teaching activists the art of revolution.

The claims by the HKFP that the pair were arrested by off-duty officers were false. Officers are seen in the HKFP reports identifying themselves as officers correctly.

Police for some time are tracking and detaining hard core members of Black Bloc which originated in Europe and consists of a combination of extremists, anarchist and eco-extremist factions. Increasingly the police efforts are paying off taking proactive actions to take anti-Hong Kong protectors off the street disrupting the violent networks. Contrary to the public perception the organizers of the protests are structured and highly organized as a recent report by the BBC and regional news coverage discovered.

Watch the Video [here]

Claims by the protesters the protests are peaceful are increasingly false. Police reports shows the use of rat-poison, paint thinner, marbles, slingshots and sharp picks in the possession of arrested activists. The videos in circulation show officers from the Crime suppression unit executing an arrest and with violence expected to be on the rise the preventive steps by the Hong Kong police pays off.

The years in advanced planned demonstrators to disrupt Hong Kong’s economic power in the region is without impacting the economy, the social cohesion of the island state. Community relationships are damaged beyond repair, an exodus of expatriates has begun and Hong Kong’s economical forecast is at zero.

Like in Egypt, Papua, the Ukraine and the Extinction Rebellion in the United Kingdom the protests in Hong Kong are highly organized and develops strange bedfellows such as Pansy Ho surfacing in Geneva or the travelling tour by Joshua Wong which was released from his second arrest what one could describe a colossal blunder by the Hong Kong judiciary system.

Celebrated activists like Denise Ho are the voice of the unrest which unlikely are concerned about the blow back their actions are taking. Revolutionaries seldom care about the consequence, and like any other extremist true believer, the mid-forty Ho spend most of her time overseas has little to offer to ordinary citizens.  It is no coincidence Taiwan was chosen for this years conference of the revolutionaries.

A survey conducted by the Hong Kong-based Public Opinion Research Institute this month found that 44% of Hong Kongers support Taiwan independence—a historic high, and the first time the number is tied with the percentage of people opposed to it.

The anti-Hong Kong demonstrators are not interested in a better system but so,  Jamila Raquib teaches is a strategy of war.

Hong Kong is a battle between the old order and the changing reality that Hong Kong is no longer part of the United Kingdom. The struggle between the “substitute for combat” and the reality of Hong Kong police dealing with the geopolitical power struggle will continue deeply dividing the community, the Hong Kong police and ordinary citizens who bear the brunt.