BEIJING – The bridge between China and North Korea (North Korea) over the Yalu River was shut down by Chinese authorities as Pyongyang’s nuclear crisis heats up. The closure was claimed only temporarily with the reason for “care”.

Beijing’s party through a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry Geng Shuang confirmed the closure of the “China-North Korea Friendship Bridge” on Friday. The bridge crosses the Yalu River in Dandong City, China.

“After the treatment, the bridge will be reopened for the trip,” Geng said without detailing the dates for the reopening as well as the main cause of the facility’s closure, as quoted by The Independent on Saturday (25/11/2017).

The closure of the bridge came after the state-owned airline Air China delayed flights to Kim Jong-un’s country on Tuesday. The reason, because of the lack of demand.

The situation comes amid a heated North Korea nuclear crisis, in which Pyongyang is severely sanctioned by the UN Security Council for a series of missile tests and nuclear weapons. Beijing, which is the true ally of Pyongyang, has joined the sanctions.

Beijing itself has been frustrated over nuclear tests and missile regime Kim Jong-un that can trigger war and chaos to the northeast border of China.

However, in an effort to improve relations between the two communist countries, the head of the Commerce Department of the Chinese Communist Party has traveled to Pyongyang last week. The Beijing side did not detail details of the official visit, including whether the official met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un or not.